Hey, I’m all about getting my money’s worth. I grew up in a country where haggling is everything so when I spend my hard-earned cash on an event, it better be worth it!

Getting your money’s worth at an event goes deeper than a full event schedule and speaker line up. It’s bigger than fancy trends like Pajama parties, lighting paper lanterns and watching them float away in the sky (I totally want to do this!) Or throwing rocks into a lake (too stressful *sad face)  Don’t you just love how creative organizers are getting though? However, organizers can only do so much but YOU are ultimately responsible for getting bang for your buck.

Here is MY list of must-knows to keep you reaping event benefits for a very looooong time.

  1. Ask yourself why you have selected THIS conference. Be clear about your desired outcome.
  2. Business cards are still as relevant as ever. Print great ones and don’t be too cool to use them. These guys – Moo  – know their business. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post. lol.
  3. We all have our favorite speakers, Gary Vaynerchuck and Sarah Jakes Roberts are 2 of my faves but never make the mistake of overlooking speakers just because you’ve never heard of them. They may have incredible knowledge that makes all the difference to your future or they could be interested in making new connections. It’s ok to assume that the ones who have 7 million IG followers are over the whole connection thing at this point.
  4. Once speakers are confirmed and registration is paid for, stalk each speaker. Yes, stalk. Find out what makes them tick? How do they appeal to you? This makes for more pointed questions during Q and A. They’ll know you’ve done your homework and that you’re worth extra time. Most speakers understand that event organizers expect them to spend time rubbing shoulders with attendees but a speaker who’s inspired will go the extra mile. Millionaires or not, they want to be impressed too.
  5. Don’t get too distracted with photos and videos. Content is great for your Stories but actual results totally rock! There are many successful people who aren’t great speakers so Q & A is a great time to focus. Don’t get hung up on videos. Try Voice recording the Q&A sessions instead. There’ll be other people with clearer videos, trust me.
  6. Stay goal tracking while at the event. Remember why you chose to sacrifice time and quid to attend. Are you doing what it takes to meet those goals?
  7. Ask new faces about their favorite groups. I’ve discovered great FB groups simply by asking. Facebook groups are still a great way to build community or meet like-minded people. It’s a great place to get feedback and opinion from all over the world.
  8. Resist the temptation to head home/ your hotel room immediately the day is over. Everyone is wound down and you can network without having to rush off o the next thing.
  9. Send a personalized email to each person you met at the event. Get your Ask in and let them know why you think they fit. If nothing comes to mind, offer them something. “I remember you showing a few photos of your Bong collection? I found this FB group of Bong collectors and thought you might be interested. Here’s a link to an episode on my podcast where I share great tips for scoring collector items during Black Friday sales.” See, added value!
  10. This one is for content creators – share a few tips you picked up from the event and tag the organizers. Write a post. Make a video. It’s fine if you don’t feel comfortable sharing information you paid for (legit concern for many) then how about creating content around people you met, your own opinion about the topics discussed, invited speakers and how you got to hear about them, what you wore (Am I the only one who gets into a tizzy about event wear? I hope not)
  11. Traveling is fun and all but it isn’t always effective especially when you care more about gems dropped from speakers than meeting people. If this is your story, consider reaching out to organizers about virtual viewing options. Organizers may provide this feature if onsite tickets sell out faster than anticipated.

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