Looks Like Congress Can’t Get Enough Of Facebook Live & Here’s Why


“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

– Albert Einstein

The presidential campaign is over but both party members and officials haven’t stopped slugging it out on social media. Change is sweeping through Washington in the form of live broadcasts. While Twitter seemed to be the darling of the campaign, (thanks to President Trump) there’s only so much 140 characters can do. So it’s no surprise that Washington is looking to Facebook to drive their message.

Here’s why we don’t see these sluggers letting go of Facebook Live anytime soon and here’s why:


Women’s voices ring just as loud: 


Many women agree that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell used Rule XIX to discriminate against a woman, namely Senator Elizabeth Warren to prevent her from reading a letter originally written by Coretta Scott King on the floor. Senator Warren stepped out and read all 10 pages of the letter that was written to convince Congress to block Jeff Sessions from becoming a Federal Judge. 


It skirts around the rules just fine: 


No one really took any notice until June 2016 when the democrat members of congress staged in a sit-in to emphasize gun law concerns. The democrats had taken it for granted that cameras would roll but they couldn’t because House Speaker Paul Ryan declared the House in recess.  The sit-in lasted 26 hours and the world might have missed out on this radical performance by the Democrats if it wasn’t for Facebook Live and Periscope. These videos eventually made it to major news networks and launched these tools on the hill. Facebook Live has since become an invaluable tool, proving its mettle over and over again.


Engages the very crowd that both  parties are constantly courting – Millennials:


Millennials are all about engagement and the last elections have pointed out the need for open communication channels to track what’s trending and what makes this vital bunch tick. More millennials are better informed about their rights, government workings and their roles in governance.

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