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Gather among overachievers and join our employability Workshops! With 8 years HR generalist experience in Banking, Publishing and Health industries, I help start-up founders get the best of their staff, design workshops to improve productivity, map out short term/long term strategies to hire individuals to suit their brand, vision and market.

Available Workshops include:

  • Freelance Masterclass: Goal Setting and Bar Raising
  • What Ceiling? Creative Women Rising
  • Social Media Uncloaked: Employability via Social Media
  • Mompreneurship: Business Strategies for the Overachieving Mom
05/07 | USA, New York, NEW YORK


-And Why These Young Ones Keep Making Bank.

As younger execs flood the corporate scene, the competition is fiercer than ever. Recent tests of problem-solving, long-term memory and attention span show that careerists with regular fitness regimens are more likely to be known for their effective leadership.


Previous generations of leadership have been considerably older and exercise has never been specifically labeled the elixir of effectiveness. But do we doubt it? Definitely not especially since our current lifestyle is a far cry from the norm 30 years ago. Today’s leader is a lot busier talking on the phone, attending back to back meetings, brainstorming at the drop of a hat, getting on more planes and chasing more deals but with far less real physical activity than ever before.

You have a 5-year plan, you wake up every day dreaming of scoring that promotion and crushing it at work. Why wait until you’re an “executive” when you could be gaining the leg up from your leadership skills right now and drawing the right attention? Here’s how to make fitness a part of your daily life to build your dream career.


Partner Up

You’ll love having the support until they irritate you enough to put on your running shoes on those mornings when it’s the last thing you want to do. You’ll thank them later. A fitness partner doesn’t even have to live in your neighborhood. Walking apps like… make it easy to gush over your stats at days end.



You’ll find yourself falling off the wagon if you don’t make it a priority. Be determined to keep it up even when you’re traveling for work or on vacation. Make hotel bookings with fitness facilities in mind and take vacations with friends who take fitness seriously. Running shoes, electronic wristbands, and resistance cords always make great purchases.

Track your Progress.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Wristbands and apps that track workouts, time spent and goals met help keep you focused but it can also be discouraging when it feels like you’re still far away from your goal. Stay focused and yes the less you obsess the smoother it will go.


Max the Media

Make the most of Instagram’s humongous fitness story collection. Short clips of targeted workouts by their thousands. Get inspired by amazing Before & Afters that stoke dying embers. Social media reviews of fitness products and Instagrammers will cheer you on from the moment you post your first story, inspire your entrepreneurial/marketing spirit and expand your network. There’s nothing like a ton of likes to keep you working.


Celebrate your Victories

The key is to stop being too hard on yourself. The best of us have fallen a few times but the trick is to get back up ASAP and stay determined to get the best results. So you missed a few workouts or you spent three days at a conference with friends who can’t tell fitness from a French fry. So what?

Get back up. We’ll be cheering for you everytime you use the hashtag #eatprayoverachieve


Speaking of celebrating victories, tell us/show us how you do yours and you could end up on our Instagram page for laughs.






Overachiever Interview Series

Get to Know Yang Jiyeon


Name: Yang Susana Jiyeon

Career Profile: Freelance Korean Instructor.

Education: Ajou Graduate School of International Studies, S. Korea.


Yang Jiyeon’s career is a bit of a plot twist.  From early years raised by a single dad and other parental figures in and outside the home, she quickly figured out that even though there were many around that she could reach out to, she would always be the most reliable person in her life. After a situation that led to her father kicking her out of his house, she started out on her own. Today she’s an ambassador in her own right and she shares her story of self- discovery and how the light at the end of a job hunt tunnel eventually led her to a freelance career that has, literally, opened up her world.



What Mentoring Young Adults Has Taught Me.

Issata was a go-getter even before she knew what the term meant and her dad will testify. He was the one who got bugged constantly, to help her get enrolled in special programs and after-school activities. She was getting well-acquainted with business attire at 14 and writing her own resumes before she turned 15.

Today, she credits a huge chunk of her achievements to a line of gracious mentors who truly want to see her win. Along with her job as an Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Honors College, she also introduces young adult women to the concepts of entrepreneurship, development, and financing.

Today, International Mentoring Day, Issata Saccoh Oluwadare shares her mentoring stories and the importance of preparing young adults for life’s realities.



Is Post-Election Rhetoric Hurting Our Workforce?


Tensions are high in the workplace after so much contentious political conversation. There’s a lot more sensitivity to issues that lean towards the divisive, of which immigration is one of them. While the U.S 2016 elections are a thing of the past, the sensitivity is not. HR managers are having to handle more immigrant-related issues in the last 6 months than in the last 5-8 years.

Immigrants have always been part of society’s fabric and are usually known for bringing it all to the workforce table in areas of performance and productivity. So how do you have a decent conversation with these essential teammates without shooting yourself in the foot?





10 Career Affirmations For Success & How To Make Them Work For You

Newsflash: You are probably responsible for the bad turns in your career!

No, I’m not being mean. Simply attempting to show you how too many of us set ourselves up for failure. Don’t believe me? For the next few hours, note (or get a friend who’s within earshot to help) every time you say something negative about yourself, your situation, your health, your finances or relationships. What this exercise will reveal might change your career and your life.

Host Like A Boss… And Score Client Cred While You’re At It


Golf is great and PR Campaigns might make a dent but unforgettable dinner conversation might just be the way to seal that deal this holiday.

Hosting a dinner party can be unnerving especially when you’re going for an effortless feel. Thinking of how to connect with potential clients? Pondering how to loyalty in clients in the face of fierce competition?


From food, shoptalk etiquette to a drama-free guestlist, EPO’s got you covered

Happy Holidays.


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