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When I created the EPO platform in 2013, noone thought it would become this inclusive space that welcomes all kinds of overachievers. I have always fostered a ‘Safe Space’ even before I knew what those words truly meant. And so it’s only natural that EPO would extend arms i.e EatPrayMoms; Immigreat; Soinloveconf that embrace diversity and inclusion.

With over a decade of experience supporting causes and building community, I show individuals how to raise their voices for good, map out short term/long term strategies for personal growth and maximize their potential just like God designed them to.

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10 Career Affirmations For Success & How To Make Them Work For You

Newsflash: You are probably responsible for the bad turns in your career!

No, I’m not being mean. Simply attempting to show you how too many of us set ourselves up for failure. Don’t believe me? For the next few hours, note (or get a friend who’s within earshot to help) every time you say something negative about yourself, your situation, your health, your finances or relationships. What this exercise will reveal might change your career and your life.

Host Like A Boss… And Score Client Cred While You’re At It


Golf is great and PR Campaigns might make a dent but unforgettable dinner conversation might just be the way to seal that deal this holiday.

Hosting a dinner party can be unnerving especially when you’re going for an effortless feel. Thinking of how to connect with potential clients? Pondering how to loyalty in clients in the face of fierce competition?


From food, shoptalk etiquette to a drama-free guestlist, EPO’s got you covered

Happy Holidays.


The 9 Scariest People at Work

Halloween is supposed to be about one night of tricks, treating & scary stuff but what if it lasts longer than that?


What happens when you have to face creepy coworkers every day of the week or clients who keep you looking over your shoulder?

We’ve compiled a list of coworkers and clients who keep the nightmare alive all year round. Happy Halloween. (more…)

Empire Building Lessons From Ibukun Awosika


Lessons From Ibukun Awosika

Today, Ibukun Awosika chairs the boards of First Bank Limited (first woman to do so since its inception in 1894) and After school Graduate Development Center. She is best known as the founder of The Chair Center Ltd and the MD/CEO of joint-venture company, Sokoa Chair Center Limited. Speaking at the convocation ceremony of the Entrepreneurship Development Center, (See here) she shares a story of incredible fortitude over the last two decades from which everyone can learn a thing or two. Or ten.


Common Email Mistakes You’re Making At Work

Sooo… You’re Trying To Get Fired? Stop it.


If you work for any organization then you are probably aware that office email is a big deal. And if you’ve worked long enough then you remember when people spent half the time ignoring mails and cruising Facebook instead. Newsflash! Those days are gone.

Here are 5 of the commonest email sins you don’t want to commit:


Excessive Typos

Agreed, it can get really intense at the office and there’s a tendency to fire off emails but bear in mind that senders of typo-filled emails are usually tagged as careless or too hasty. A final read-through before clicking the Send button is never a bad idea.

Chain Mail

Have you ever had someone repeat the same story to you over and over until it got quite annoying? Same thing with Chain mail.Your inability to start a mail on a new page instead of constantly lumping them together can earn you a Lazy tag. If you have to send chain mail, perhaps for clarification purposes then do not change the wording of any part of the previous messages as it might raise red flags.


Sending New Emails On Threads With Sensitive Information


This is a big NO. Avoid this mistake at all costs. Few things are more embarrassing than having colleagues read through a sensitive issue that doesn’t concern them in an email from you. Delicate information leaks easily this way and can even cost you your job.


Not Checking Office Email Accounts Regularly Enough


You may be sinking in a bog of paperwork but keeping track of incoming office email is important. Many will probably be time-sensitive and putting them off will only make your workload seem even larger. It’s less arduous to check regularly if you’re not in a meeting or away from your desk.



Not leaving an Out-of-Office reply can definitely put off many of your clients or colleagues.Rude out-of-office responses are just as bad. Don’t be surprised if you get a Warning on your first day back from your vacation because they are an essential form of communication.Email is clearly the dominant form of communicating, beating phone use hands down.

Making any of these mistakes might make you seem incompetent and unable to handle important tasks so do your best to avoid them.

Why You Should Consider A Side Hustle


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