Sooo… You’re Trying To Get Fired? Stop it.


If you work for any organization then you are probably aware that office email is a big deal. And if you’ve worked long enough then you remember when people spent half the time ignoring mails and cruising Facebook instead. Newsflash! Those days are gone.

Here are 5 of the commonest email sins you don’t want to commit:


Excessive Typos

Agreed, it can get really intense at the office and there’s a tendency to fire off emails but bear in mind that senders of typo-filled emails are usually tagged as careless or too hasty. A final read-through before clicking the Send button is never a bad idea.

Chain Mail

Have you ever had someone repeat the same story to you over and over until it got quite annoying? Same thing with Chain mail.Your inability to start a mail on a new page instead of constantly lumping them together can earn you a Lazy tag. If you have to send chain mail, perhaps for clarification purposes then do not change the wording of any part of the previous messages as it might raise red flags.


Sending New Emails On Threads With Sensitive Information


This is a big NO. Avoid this mistake at all costs. Few things are more embarrassing than having colleagues read through a sensitive issue that doesn’t concern them in an email from you. Delicate information leaks easily this way and can even cost you your job.


Not Checking Office Email Accounts Regularly Enough


You may be sinking in a bog of paperwork but keeping track of incoming office email is important. Many will probably be time-sensitive and putting them off will only make your workload seem even larger. It’s less arduous to check regularly if you’re not in a meeting or away from your desk.



Not leaving an Out-of-Office reply can definitely put off many of your clients or colleagues.Rude out-of-office responses are just as bad. Don’t be surprised if you get a Warning on your first day back from your vacation because they are an essential form of communication.Email is clearly the dominant form of communicating, beating phone use hands down.

Making any of these mistakes might make you seem incompetent and unable to handle important tasks so do your best to avoid them.