Golf is great and PR Campaigns might make a dent but unforgettable dinner conversation might just be the way to seal that deal this holiday.

Hosting a dinner party can be unnerving especially when you’re going for an effortless feel. Thinking of how to connect with potential clients? Pondering how to loyalty in clients in the face of fierce competition?


From food, shoptalk etiquette to a drama-free guestlist, EPO’s got you covered

Happy Holidays.

The Guest List

This is one party where drama queens don’t get invited. Except if you want a basketball wives situation.
Have a list of safe topics on your phone to keep the conversation interesting if you’re not great at small talk( Most of us aren’t). It’s cheesy but it works.
If there’s room for plus ones then be sure to make them feel welcome. No one wants to feel like a handbag. Except they are a luxury handbag and their owner’s treating them like spun gold but even then…
Take great pictures and, with permission, share them.


Take inventory of every ingredient you need. They have a funny way of being exhausted right when you need them the most.
If you’re handling the food then it’s not the time to try that Swedish dish simply because it sounds exotic and makes for a great magazine spread. Go with something you’re comfortable making.
Ask about food peeves and allergies.
Go easy on the calories.
Keep your kitchen sparkling. Nothing kills the appetite like a dirty kitchen.
Have a copy of your recipe in “Drafts”. If dinner is a success, you’ll be sending out recipes before the night is over.

Business over Basmati Rice

Make it a mix of potential clients and clients who looove you and what you do. Hint: They are your greatest PR weapons.
Invite your bestie or someone you’re good friends with. This person will act as an extra set of eyes to give you subtle cues when you need to jump into the conversation, when it’s time for the next course or when someone is… Ha Hem …over-imbibing.
Everyone may be talking shop but you should avoid joining in.  Go for airy and light instead.make small talk. Ask about kids, the new house, compliment on the new car and generally keep things light.
Make small talk. Ask about the kids, the new house, compliment the new office.
Don’t be the frantic host running from pillar to post as it will leave your guests feeling like it was just another party.
Remember the goal is to leave a lasting impression that positively influences your reputation.

Your guests may not know it yet but the night is about you. Your business. Your reputation. Your ability to sway the most jaded potential clients.


So make the most of this opportunity to show that how you slay, effortlessly, at work and play.