Easy Ways to Elevate Your Career through Social Media

Sometimes, doing the work is just never enough.

Waiting in line for your time to shine or hoping to get noticed can take far longer than you expect.

If there’s one advantage Social media gives you as a professional, it’s a platform to get noticed and show others what you are good at.

Here are 4 ways by which you can take advantage of this platform.


Social Media Strategy

Like everything else that concerns your career, apply strategy while using social media.

How? By aligning yourself with the trends and activities that are important to your career. When I consider ‘following back’ anyone on Twitter, I check the list of those that person is following. It helps me decide if I want to follow back or not.

I get interested when that person is following certain people. It gives me a sense of a connection or common ground. Follow contacts that will promote your strategy while paying attention to their social media patterns.


Sharing Information about Your Organization

If you work at an organization and you believe in what they stand for, why not tell others about it? You might know a few people who need the services or products. It is a great way to acquire marketing skills and earn recognition from your team and supervisors.

Interacting With Top-Level Managers in Your Industry:

These days everyone (Top execs too!) is taking advantage of social media to get informed, network or just hang out. This means you can actually interact with these guys and get them to answer your questions. There’s a great chance of getting noticed by those that matter if your profile is impressive enough.


By Integrating Social Media into Your Reports

Have you ever tried polling with your blog or through Facebook and including it in your presentation? It’s that easy to turn the spotlight on your capability and your social media know-how. Throw questions out to your followers and let them know you are expecting feedback. There will be many eager to give you honest answers that will make a huge difference in your report. Use social media responsibly. One wrong picture or comment can ruin your reputation and affect your career.

Be sure what kind of information is considered sensitive and do not share on social media.

Be patient when adding executives and the major people in your industry as many of them are super busy and might take a while to respond. The last thing you want to do is stalk them and cause them to avoid you entirely.