10 Career Affirmations For Success & How To Make Them Work For You Newsflash: You are probably responsible for the bad turns in your career! No, I’m not being mean. Simply attempting to show you how too many of us set ourselves up for failure. Don’t believe me? For the next few hours, note (or get a friend who’s within earshot to help) every time you say something negative about yourself, your situation, your health, your finances or relationships. What this exercise will reveal might change your career and your life.

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Empire Building Lessons From Ibukun Awosika

HOW TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS FROM “TINY LITTLE DOT” TO AN EMPIRE Lessons From Ibukun Awosika Today, Ibukun Awosika chairs the boards of First Bank Limited (first woman to do so since its inception in 1894) and After school Graduate Development Center. She is best known as the founder of The Chair Center Ltd and the MD/CEO of joint-venture company, Sokoa Chair Center Limited. Speaking at the convocation ceremony of the Entrepreneurship Development Center, (See here) she shares a story of incredible fortitude over the last two decades from which everyone can learn a thing or two. Or ten.

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