Halloween is supposed to be about one night of tricks, treating & scary stuff but what if it lasts longer than that?


What happens when you have to face creepy coworkers every day of the week or clients who keep you looking over your shoulder?

We’ve compiled a list of coworkers and clients who keep the nightmare alive all year round. Happy Halloween.

The coworker who’s fixated on death:

They’ll talk about death to anyone who’ll listen. They tell you how they’ll like to die, how they would prefer to be buried and what they would like to be wearing when it happens. And you’re not even friends! They start the day with news about the dude who jumped off the bridge. They dress morbidly and their idea of hanging out is a Walking Dead binge on Netflix.


The FedEx/UPS guy who never just does his stuff and leaves:

He’s looking over your shoulder and constantly asking you what you are doing. He’s dropping hints about going on a date but never really asks you out. He’s oversharing about his comfy Sleep Number bed and the new fluffy pillows he just got. Then, just when you finally get over his creepy flirting, he switches his attentions to the fresh new intern.

Creeper Boss:

He acts like an ogre at work and at night he sends completely inappropriate IMs with emoticons (that can mean anything and mean nothing). Then acts like he never did any of that the next day!


Is he sleepwalkIMing (like sleepwalking + IMing), flirting or just messing with your head?

Split-Personality Clients:

Clients that won’t stop thanking you for a great job done but will tell everyone else that you did a shitty job. Are there meds for this? Clinical trials?

The Vamp Coworker:

They are fun and quirky until they start to bug you about going on a date and when you remind them of what team you play on, they insist you give them a chance to “turn you.”

You against the world:

That HR manager who always seems to be on everyone’s side but yours.

Manipulative Much?

That coworker who brings up a sore topic; flogs it until everyone is sufficiently riled up then they slink into the shadows and leave y’all to take the heat for “overreacting.” Getting back at these manipulative ones can be fun.

The way to do it: listen to them when they start to stir up something new and then at the point where you would normally jump in to support the cause, say something like “I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

It will shut them up for a while.

So friendly it hurts:

A clingy colleague that’s always hanging on your arm even when you try desperately to shake them off. They are terrible at gauging your mood and they will do anything to stay on your good side. TMI, coffee from your favorite coffee shop, bossgoss (juicy gossip about the boss) and the most inappropriate gifts. They’ll pester you to hang out and end up scaring everyone else away because of their stalkerish tendencies.

Rival Colleagues:

The coworker that’s determined to make you look bad. Your heart races whenever you see them with your boss and even when you are both assigned to a task they always see you as competition and not as a teammate.

How would you handle these guys at your workplace?