Enough Flack Guys!

Grant Hill thinks Millennials are awesome! HowBouDah?

It’s not every day you’ll hear someone, especially anyone above the age of 40, gush about millennials but that’s exactly what Grant Hill did in an interview with CNN. Millennials take a lot of flack for being flighty, wasteful and entitled but the retired star highlights three reasons why Millennials are awesome and should be appreciated.

“Millennials understand the importance of relationships”

Millennials love to reach out and be reached out to. Age isn’t a barrier to them and that may be why we are seeing a spike in millennial-retiree friendships. Even though they obviously prefer social media channels over more traditional forms to form relationships, Millennials are considerably more open about their hopes, feelings, and dreams.

“They have great balance”


Considering the fact that the average millennial takes and makes work calls at home, responds to work emails at 3ish. Something that was regarded as impossible and absolutely wrong in the 90s. They don’t get to enjoy a time when time off was ‘time off’ because they are expected to work around the clock. Kudos to them for constantly finding ways to relax, have fun with friends and travel. We love that they are hellbent on finding happiness and living as purposefully as they can.

“They keep it real”

Millennials can’t help it. In fact, there’s a possibility that a lot of the negative comments about millennials come from just how real they can get and how that might come off as entitled. In their own defense, millennials are showing a bit more restraint in traditional settings and storing up their angst and cutting wit for their online posts on platforms like Glassdoor and Reddit where millennials call out CEOs and bosses on the regular.



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