10 Career Affirmations For Success & How To Make Them Work For You

Newsflash: You are probably responsible for the bad turns in your career!

No, I’m not being mean. Simply attempting to show you how too many of us set ourselves up for failure. Don’t believe me? For the next few hours, note (or get a friend who’s within earshot to help) every time you say something negative about yourself, your situation, your health, your finances or relationships. What this exercise will reveal might change your career and your life.

You won’t believe how many times you’ll refer to your health or friends as shitty. Or say something about uncooperative clients or bosses who hate you. You may moan about the sorry state of your finances/the economy or complain about being ‘over your job’. Some people don’t say it but they think it and that’s way worse in my book. These negative statements (They are affirmations as well) only draw more negativity into our daily lives and kill the can-do spirit you ought to nurture. Positive career affirmations work by reprogramming the way we feel about our careers and preparing our minds to consider and achieve career fulfillment.

An affirmation is basically a statement said with confidence about something perceived to be true and 100% real. Your mind can’t tell if it’s real or not. Positive affirmations are no big secret…to the successful. So why is it that the rest of the world have little or no understanding of how they work?

As it turns out, many believe that the concept of positive affirmations is too simple to be true.

So they are like “You mean I just have to say it and it happens? I don’t believe it!

A positive affirmation can override anything bringing you down like say: You lost a job last year or you are starting a business on a shoestring budget. You can write out affirmations for yourself based on your thoughts and feelings about your career. Have you been feeling like a failure? An affirmation to break through that would be something like “I am a success and I create opportunities for others to be successful”

Are you feeling like your past may be holding you back? Is a difficult boss/work situation/low client numbers eroding your self-confidence? Positive affirmations condition the mind, making it fertile ground for the kind of thoughts that make victory possible.

To ease you into the process, I have made a list of 10 simple but clear affirmations to get your career on the right path and help you attain success.

  1. By creating wealth for myself, I am granting opportunities to others and creating wealth for others
  2. I feel calm and powerful as I take on new projects, confidently maneuvering twists and turns until I reach my goals
  3. I am quick to recognize new opportunities even when no one else does and I make them work for me
  4. I live a stress-free life and never bow to pressure instead, I thrive
  5. I attract coworkers, employees, and collaborators who set high standards and deliver excellence like I do
  6. I have let go of all fears and insecurities about my career
  7. I am an excellent communicator, attracting those of like minds who eagerly spread word about my capabilities
  8. I connect with mentors who consider me an incredible asset and truly want to see me win
  9. I love my work and every day brings exciting discoveries and possibilities
  10. Within me lies the power to create wealth and sustain success

 Start by saying your affirmation morning, afternoon and before you go to bed. Say it with precision and all the confidence you can muster. I suggest looking into the mirror or placing a hand on your chest as you do so. A mind is a powerful tool depending on who’s in control of it.

Who is controlling yours?

Happy New Year.