Exploring The Pros and Cons To Side Hustles

Side Hustles are a lot more popular since the recession.

The resulting job uncertainty has erupted in new ventures for extra cash, the need for a Plan B or simply because it makes Side Hustlers feel more in control of their lives.Perhaps you are considering it if you haven’t started already but not everyone believes that a Side Hustle is a wise investment. We get Team Skeptical. As if a day’s job isn’t stressful enough, right? Side Hustles, like everything else, have their Pros and Cons. Here are a few for Team Skeptical to consider.


  • They can cause low performance at work
  • Frustration if profit is lower than expected
  • Exhaustion as a lot of Side-hustling happens during the weekend

A Side Hustle done right is a great way to test your entrepreneurial capabilities. If it’s something you love doing then it’s not exactly work and if it’s not work, it’s life and if it is life, Voila, it means you are closer to achieving the elusive work/life balance that millions are striving for.


  • It could be the start of a new career for you
  • Your Side Hustle can help you discover skills that will make you better at your Day job
  • You don’t have to start with a ton of money or hunt down Venture Capitalists


It’s OK to be skeptical about Side Hustles. Rushing headlong into a new venture rarely ends well so take time to weigh these lists.

Looks like the Pros outweigh the Cons though!