Your Experience ‘Takeaways’ Will Shape Your Future 

Some people are out here lying!

Just had to get that off my chest : )

I  don’t know where I got the idea that chasing my kids around would be enough to drop a few pounds. It isn’t true, at least not in my case but hey, I digress. That’s not what this post is supposed to be about. Nuh uh, it’s about young women in their late teens and too-early 20s already asking me the work-life balance question WITH a look of fear in their eyes.


And if you’re not familiar with the question then you are a stay-at-home mom 100% dedicated to your little princes and princesses, you are a hermit, or the most likely scenario – you’re a man!

I reckon that men don’t have to cringe on the inside as they listen to panicked young women asking how they achieve work-life balance. First, I wish that term would change. Let’s call it what they are REALLY asking “How do you handle the unpredictability of managing your kids and partner while vying for promotions and slaying in style?
And I feel a little sad that a point when they should be living their best lives, putting themselves out there, testing limits and seeking exposure, they are looking at my pretty obvious post-baby pooch and freaking out about something they already believe is insurmountable.
If you are a young female worrying about this, take this advice:
Paying for help doesn’t make you less of a good mom: Nannies, therapists, cleaners, assistants and all of those things you have been made to believe equals putting on airs, are all meant to be helpful.
Focus on developing yourself at this point: The whole point of this time in your life is to discover weaknesses and strengths and then to leverage on your strengths. It’s not too early to start learning how to stop tearing yourself down or learning to shut out the negative voices in your head. Yeah. Focus on that.
Your experience take-aways will shape your future: You can live your best life, put yourself out there, test limits and seek exposure all while learning to set realistic goals and celebrating small victories. Motherhood is hardest on women who have never learned to prioritize, hustle up a plan B, C or D, forgive themselves or dance when they meet a deadline.
Queen, be kind to yourself.